First Pickups
August 16, 2022
First Pickups
After reading a whole book on pickup lines, you are probably pretty good by now, right? Well, you are welcome to see that for yourself. There is a hot blonde girl that is sitting outdoors, and she will talk to you if you play your cards right. Every question and conversation will have two options, the good and bad. Pay attention to your answers because one bad answer and the beauty will not be sucking your dick later. Everything is quite straightforward, so just follow the story through the bubbles and have some dirty fun with this hot blonde.
August 5, 2022
My Workday
Your office consists of kinky girls, and they are all horny. From the secretary to your boss, the women at your job just want to suck your big black cock, and get fucked hard - they even do anal. Some of your colleagues don't mind being tied-up and fucked in bondage, and some enjoy some foot fetish. So explore this wild office and enjoy some sex at work! To bookmark this game, press Ctrl+D.